About Us

Founded by the country’s top media professionals, Musiconcepts is a coming together of people who share a passion for music and the arts. With decades of combined experience and expertise in media marketing, content development, television anchoring, international licensing, publishing, advertising and large-scale events, we aim to deliver large-format music and cultural events. Our effort is to bring into focus our rich musical heritage, and showcase musical experiences at par with the world’s best.


Advisory Board


Music, in the past in India, existed only under cultivated patronage and in its own intimate environment. The public concert was unknown and the livelihood of the artiste did not depend on his or her ability to amuse the crowd. In other words, the musician was protected from commercial concerns and was under no temptation to be anything other than remain a musician free to practice and perfect his art in his specific genre. This patronage, extended by affluent families mainly of royal descent, ensured audiences for the musician, and thus, protected the art. Unfortunately, in modern times, music and its exponents, unlike the way it existed earlier in our culture, has lost it's erstwhile patronage due to commercial considerations and the all-encompassing influence of the commercial film industry and its overarching reach. At Musiconcepts, we invite modern day patrons to support our dream.